Greeting Cards


Small, delicate and precise is how we love to design.

We don’t like waste and we make a conscious decision to design things that have meaning and become keepsakes rather than throwaway. ⠀

To spread a little festive joy this Christmas to friends, family, clients and design studios alike, we produced our very own NOEL greetings cards to highlight the foundations of everything we design; grids.




Grids help to give us structure. No matter how small, we create a grid for everything. Usually hidden from print, we designed our ‘NOEL’ typeface in a grid the same size as a postage stamp.



To demonstrate the behaviour of foil when used with a light/dark and textured/smooth substrate, we specified two completely different paper stocks from G.F Smith; ‘Plike Dark Blue’ and ‘Gmund Alezan Chevreau Wild’. The colour ‘white’ represent snow and the ‘dark blue’ for the night sky. ⠀



For the reverse of the card, we delicately hot stamped our studio name in gold foil. ⠀

From greeting cards to wedding stationery, we love to design for special occasions. Looking to send out your own greeting cards? We’d love to hear from you, get in touch.



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