Outbox Documents


Based in leafy Herefordshire, Outbox Documents provide document life cycle management; from initial collection, storage and retrieval, through to secure destruction and recycling.

We were asked to establish a name and create a visual identity which could be applied across their archive boxes, van livery, signage, stationery and website.



The brand mark was designed to emphasise the four stage document life cycle; represented by four A4 proportioned documents and arranged in a circle creating the letter ‘O’.

The arrows in-between signify direction and movement of documents across the UK, which was enhanced by the gradient of colours. Whilst the central negative space creates a box.




The letters ‘t’ and ‘b’ in the logo type were shaped to incorporate an invisible box.

The name ‘Outbox’ derived from their daily activities of; moving documents ‘out’ of business offices and archiving them in ‘box’ storage.





A fundamental part of the Outbox service is to box, barcode and store documents onsite, whilst cataloging records online to give customers a secure, organised and remote trackable access.

Made from triple-walled cardboard, we designed and manufactured the flat-pack archive boxes. For quick retrieval, we positioned the list of contents, customer I.D and barcode on the front. The bold brand mark wraps around the box, visually creating order and balance.



James Hay, the Managing Director, aims to offer an alternative to the big, faceless warehouse document storage companies and ultimately offer a personal service, making sure the customer comes first at all times.



The identity’s precise geometric shapes are designed to communicate a sense of order, clarity and structure; reflecting the values and benefits of Outbox.

We adapted the brand mark to create these icons for each of the document life cycle stages.⠀



For the Outbox business cards we specified G.F Smith ‘White Frost Colorplan’ paper and duplexed it with ‘Real Grey Colorplan’, with a simple application of the logo on the front.




Another integral part of their service is to collect and deliver documents direct to customers.

The van is designed to deliver a strong visual presence; printed in 9 spot colours. The bold brand mark sits proudly against a contrasting background, juxtaposed with the white crisp, clear typography; giving customers confident in the brand and providing long term impact.



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